Whether you are looking for a classic conservatory with timeless elegance or a conservatory for a warm and inviting family room, Spinnaker Windows & Conservatories in Hampshire have the knowledge and skill to advise you on everything you need to know as well as provide a professional installation.

Style & Choice

You can choose from a variety of different styles and looks ranging from Victorian to Edwardian and Gable fronted or a complete be-spoke design unique to your home.

Light & Warmth

A conservatory offers similar levels of heat insulation and light transmission to standard double glazing, giving a light space whilst keeping you warm during the winter months.

You can choose from either a polycarbonate or glass glazing. 

Polycarbonate – is a special type of translucent plastic used in most conservatory roofs. 

Its provides a light, inexpensive and easy to install an alternative to glass, whilst still offering similar levels of heat insulation and light transmission to standard double glazing. 

You can choose from either a 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate which is available in clear, bronze, opal, bronze on opal and blue.

Glass available in several different specifications including…

Pilkington K Glass – a low emissivity coated glass which is easily installed.

Pilkington Activ Blue - attractive blue glass combining dual-action, self-cleaning properties with solar control performance.  

Pilkington Activ Neutral – attractive neutral coloured glass that combines dual action, self-cleaning properties with solar control performance.

Pilkington Self-Cleaning Glass – with its unique dual-action coating, it firstly uses UV rays to break down and loosen organic dirt and then it uses rain to wash the dirt away.

Professional Installation

Whichever conservatory you decide on, all of our conservatories are fully made to measure and with over 10 years experience our professional installation team will take care of the installation from start to finish.

Advances in conservatory roof design and technology over the last several years gives us an extremely flexible drawing board to create the upvc conservatory of your dreams.

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